East Poinsett County School District Newsletter





January 31, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Volume 16, Issue 2

Dear Parents,

We have had a really good first half of the year and the second half is off to an excellent start as well.  As I look back, there are many areas of our school that makes the future of East Poinsett County exciting.  One of the areas that I am very proud of is the creation of the “Men of EPC”.  This group was developed after we analyzed our test data and noticed a significant gap between the girls and boys in literacy, particularly in the 7th and 8th grade.  In an effort to improve male literacy scores, a group of upper class young men and men from the community met with the young men in the junior high.  This meeting was to bring attention to the identified gap and encourage the young men to embrace learning and prepare for their roles as future leaders in their families and communities.  After this meeting was completed, it was realized that this one meeting was not enough and there was more to do.  This resulted in the organization of the “Men of EPC”.   There is more information about the “Men of EPC” in the newsletter that I hope you will read.  Currently, conversations are occurring about the development of a group for young ladies whose purpose will also be to encourage and support high achievement and I look forward to sharing more about both groups in the future.

This year we have made a conscious effort to recognize students who are doing well in school.  At the end of both the first and second quarters, we recognized students who had earned all A’s, all A’s and B’s, and had perfect attendance.  I am pleased to announce that our number in all categories increased from first quarter to second quarter.  To recognize these students we held a pizza party in their honor at the end of the first quarter and an award assembly and presented them with Sonic cards at the end of the second quarter.   As I compiled the student grades and attendance data, I noticed that many students had improved their attendance and grades school wide.  Please continue to encourage your students to attend school and work hard in the classroom. 

As we continue to move toward the end of the second semester, we will again take the tests required by the state and federal governments.  These exams are used to compare our students with other students around the state and monitor their individual growth.  High student achievement comes from attending school and working hard in the classroom each day.  At this time, I want to thank the parents and community for their support of reaching these goals.  I also want to thank a very dedicated staff.  Our teachers work very hard during the day and spend several hours each week grading and preparing new lessons.  The support from parents and community and the hard work of our faculty make East Poinsett County a great place to be.  If I can ever help, please stop by the school or give me a call.  Thanks again for all your support.




Gary Williams, Principal

East Poinsett County High School






Mrs. Jeanne Glover

Mrs. Lisa Cavitt

Mr. Keith Tyler

Mr. Terry Hinton

Mr. Ricky Cox

Mr. Kevin Truelove

Mr. Chad Henderson


Thank you for all you do. 

Your dedication

to our students, faculty, and schools

is sincerely appreciated.




When you think of “good character” you may think of a person who is kind, generous and thoughtful.

These are great charac­teristics for a person to have. But recently, research has been focusing on other aspects of character: zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity.

Students who possess these quali­ties are more likely to succeed in school. They’re more likely to keep trying after setbacks. In fact, stu­dents with these characteristics are more likely to succeed than students who are intelligent but not as driven.

To build:

1. Zest, show enthusiasm for what your teen is learning. “Wow, zebra fish can regrow their fins? That’s really interesting!”

2. Grit, praise your teen’s persever­ance. “I’m really proud of how you stuck with that geometry home­work until you got it.”

3. Self-control, give your teen responsibilities. Being able to complete tasks at home without being reminded means he will be able to direct himself at school.

4. Social intelligence, suggest that your teen put himself in others’ shoes. “Why do you think Will reacted like that?”

5. Gratitude, go beyond just mak­ing sure your teen says please and thank you. Discuss why he feels grateful.

6. Optimism, encourage your teen to look at the bright side of events.

7. Curiosity, help your teen explore more about what he is learning. Head to the library or research information online.


Source: P. Tough, “What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?” The New York Times, www.nytimes.com/

2011/09/18/ magazine/what-if-the-secret-to-success-is-failure.html.



Many teens think skipping class isn’t a big deal. They’re wrong. Studies show that students who skip class frequently:

• Report that they are bored in class.

• Fall behind and become unmotivated because they don’t understand the topics being taught.

• Feel disconnected from their school.

• Are more likely to consider dropping out of school.

Insist your teen attend every class, every day. Be sure to:

Make school attendance a priority and talk about why it is important.

• Contact the teacher if you suspect your teen may be skipping a class. If your teen knows you will check up on her, she will be more likely to stay in school.

Remind your teen that attendance is the law— skipping even one class is considered truancy.

Source: E. Yazzie-Mintz, “Students are bored, many skip school,” IU News Room, http://news




You know he has the ability to do better in school and his teachers say the same thing. But he isn’t doing well.

As underachievers move into high school the consequences get more serious. They may not be able to take challenging classes. So they are caught in a downward spiral— they are less interested and they do worse in school.

Stopping the cycle of under­achievement is a challenge. But it is important to try. Help your teen:

1. Find a reason to be motivated. Nearly all teens have something that excites them—a subject, sport or activity. Talk with your teen about that subject. What would he like to learn? How can you help him achieve his learn­ing goals?

2. Translate that excitement to a school project. Does your teen love movies? Perhaps he could talk with his English teacher about creating a video for a class project. If he’s excited about dance, perhaps he can try out for the school musical.

Source: J.S. Battle, “Motivating the Underachiever–How to Motivate Teenagers, Students,” www.about-under achieving-teens.com/motivate-underachievers.html.



Your  teen earned a bad grade— actually, a terrible grade—in Spanish last marking period. What should you do?

Perhaps the most useful thing you can do is to help him “own” it. Most teens have quite a knack for plac­ing the blame elsewhere—on the teacher, on the “stupid” test. Instead, help your high schooler figure out exactly what he did to earn the bad grade.

Until your teen takes responsibil­ity for what he did, he’s not going to be able to make the changes he needs to make. Here are some questions he should consider:

• Did he invest the time he needed? How much time did he actually spend working on his Spanish? Did he review the new vocabulary he learned in class? Did he turn in his homework? Did he study for tests? He is responsible for how he uses his time.

• Does he know how to study? Sometimes, teens think that if they just skim the chapter, they have “studied.” Teens need to learn that studying is an active process. If he doesn’t know how, encourage him to ask his teacher how to study. He can also search the Internet for college study sites.

• Did he assume he is just “not smart” in the class? Remind your teen that nearly any subject can be learned with effort.

Source: J.B. Bader, Dean’s List: 11 Habits of Highly Successful College Students, Johns Hopkins University Press.



When she’s working on something she wants to do, your teen can be highly motivated. She’ll work for hours on designing the set for the school play, for example. So why do you have to keep telling her to finish her science lab report?

One reason is that when you tell your teen to do something, she may feel like you are nagging her. And most teens have developed the skill of tuning out parental nagging.

Still, there are ways you can motivate your teen to do things, even if they aren’t high on her list of favorite tasks. You can:

• Discuss the consequences. Acknowledge that there is prob­ably a reason she’s avoiding the task. Then ask, “But what’s going to happen if you keep putting it off?” That way, you get her to recognize the consequences of not taking action.

• Ask if she’d like to make a plan. “Let’s brainstorm and create a schedule that will work for you.” Teens are always more motivated to act on a plan they helped develop.

• Help with time management. Teens often think that they can do more than they realistically can accomplish. You might say, “How long did the lab report take you last week? Maybe leaving 20 minutes won’t be enough time.”

Source: J. Nelsen, “How Do You Motivate a Teen,” Positive Discipline, www.positivediscipline.com/articles/teen motivation.html.


The EPC High School Library is hosting its’ first Scholastic Book Fair. It will begin Jan. 27th and run through Feb. 7th. It will be open daily during school hours in the high school library and will also be open Jan. 31st 5:00 pm-7:00 pm for parents and community members. If you aren’t able to attend, you can purchase books online at http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/publish/epchighschool . Thank you in advance for all of your support! Hope to see you at the Book Fair!


Tyronza Elem Book Fair will be held February 27- March 2. Great! Our website is http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/epc and it can be accessed through the school website under "Tyronza Elem" and "Book Fair"

Kim Grisham,

Elementary Librarian



Mrs OBAMA will announce the new Meal Pattern on Wed.25, 2012.  She will tell us then when this will take place.  I hope to have a meeting with staff and Parents sometimes in the near future to discuss the changes. This change has been in the making for several years.  I look forward to seeing the Parents and staff about this major change.  If you have any problem.   Please fill free to call me anytime. 

Carolyn Harsson,

FS Director



The Miss Warrior Pageant will be March 11, 2012 at 1:00.   Pageant forms will be available Feb. 28th and must be turned in by March 8, 2012.   This is a fundraiser for the EPC Cheerleaders.   Pictures of this year’s winners will be in the annual.






WHEREAS; Education is of paramount importance to the future of the State of Arkansas and the Nation, with over 468,000 children attending the more than 1,080 public and charter schools in Arkansas; and

WHEREAS; the mission of public schools is to meet the diverse educational needs of all children and to help each student become a productive citizen, contributing to a democratic society; and

WHEREAS; Local school board members must be committed to the success of our children as they work to ensure that every child thrives with educational programs tailored to meet his or her individual needs; and

WHEREAS; Arkansas school board members contribute countless hours to fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in setting the mission for their district; establishing and enforcing policies; overseeing school district finances to ensure alignment with academic and facility needs and goals; hiring and evaluating superintendents; and approving the selection of curricula to make certain that students are offered and taught required courses of study; and

WHEREAS; School board members are required to participate in annual training to enhance their knowledge and skills to better serve their students and communities; and

WHEREAS; The more than 1,500 local school board members in Arkansas receive no compensation for the time and effort they contribute on behalf of their schools;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MIKE BEBEE, Governor of the State of Arkansas, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws of the State of Arkansas, do hereby proclaim the month of January, 2012, as


In the State of Arkansas and encourage my fellow citizens to honor and support school board members throughout Arkansas for their significant contributions to our children’s future.


--On behalf of the staff, students and patrons of the East Poinsett County School District, we would like to join Governor Bebee in saying “Thank You” to our school board.


The Senior High National Honor Society is looking forward to a great new semester.  We are excited to inform you all that we have inducted 20 new members: Stephanie Higginbotham, Treyveonnia Johnson, AJ Turner, Kaitlin Young, Jared Jennings, Emily Cochran, Melissa Baldwin, Mckenzie Betts, Trevor Brown, Kayla Burcham, Hunter Carey, Susana Gonzalez, Brittney Clayton, Hayden Harsson, Seth Lacy, Jake Pilgrim, Paul Pilgrim, Corbin Truelove, Anna Claire Williams, and Cori Young. 

 National Honor Society is a true honor because of the high standards for membership.  These students must earn and maintain a 3.0 GPA, with no D’s or F’s.  They also have to be viewed by the faculty as having leadership skills, the willingness to serve others, and good character.



            Tyronza Pre-K is having a great year. We have been studying all about snow, snowflakes, snowmen, and animals in winter. Earlier in the year we worked on getting to know our school, community, farms, and harvesting many things.

Cheri Smith



Donna Pilgrim conducted a literacy presentation in the junior high school on Thursday, January 25, beginning at 6 pm. The presentation included information on what parents can do to help improve their children's literacy skills.  Five essential elements of literacy were discussed—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Ms. Pilgrim explained activities for each of the 5 elements that will help children in each area. A door prize was given.  The presentation lasted about an hour.  Your attendance was appreciated.

Donna Pilgrim


New to EPC this year is the Spanish Club. The Spanish Club is open to anyone who wants to be involved in it.  We will have meetings the 3rd Tuesday of every month starting in February. Tutoring for Spanish I students will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during advisory. We will also have special events held that will be announced. If you have any questions please contact President Hunter Carey and Sponsor Mrs. Vickers.  




Band Booster Meetings

The EPC Warrior Band has a monthly Band Booster meeting every month on the second Tuesday. You do not have to have a student in the band to be a part of the EPC Band Boosters. It is for anyone that is interested in assisting the band program.


EPC Band & Choir Variety Show

The EPC Warrior Band and The EPC Warrior Choir is doing the 1st Annual Variety Show. The Variety Show will have several songs from musicals such as Sound of Music, Rent, Annie, Wizard of Oz, and Wicked. There will also be several funny skits and special guests such as the Beach Boys and Elvis. The show will be on March 29th, 30th, and 31st all starting at 7pm in the High School cafeteria. Ticket will be going on sale on March 5th. Tickets cost $5 each. Please see any band member, band booster member, or Mr. Wortham in the band room to purchase tickets.


EPC Band Fundraisers

The EPC Warrior Band is already in the process of selling Valentine’s Day Balloons. There are nine balloons to choose from and are being sold during 1st and 2nd lunch in the high school cafeteria. Balloons are $3 each. Balloons will be delivered on Valentine’s Day to the Jr. High and Sr. High students and Lepanto Elementary. If you are interested in purchasing a Valentine’s Day Balloon please contact Mr. Wortham in the band room or any band member. If the balloons are being purchased for anyone that is not a student of Lepanto Elementary, EPC Jr. High, or Sr. High, you can pick up your order from the band room anytime on Valentine’s Day from 8am-8pm.

The EPC Warrior Band will start selling Yankee Candles on February 21st- March 9th. If you are interested in seeing a Yankee Candle brochure and purchase items, please contact Mr. Wortham in the band room or any band member.


Concert Assessment

The EPC Warrior Concert Band will be participating in the 2012 Region 5 Concert Assessment on March 8-10. This year’s assessment is being hosted by Greene County Tech in their brand new fine arts auditorium. Also, the band will have their 2012 Winter Concert on March 6th at 7pm in the High School Band Room.

FCCLA members will be having a Red Cross Blood Drive on Monday, January 30th in the High School safe room from 9am-3pm.  Please consider donating blood if you are 16 (must have parental consent form signed in advance, obtain from Mrs. Masters) or over.  We are trying to retain our $500 scholarship!!  If you can’t give, recruit someone to give in your name!!

We also have another blood drive scheduled for April 23rd. Changes in the blood drive are the location – being held in the high school safe room instead of in the FACS dept.

The  Consumer Service class is conducting a community service project to collect shoes for water.  Shoes donated will be taken to a drop off location in Cape Girardeau, MO.  If you are interested in the project you may drop your gently used shoes by the Family and Consumer Science department between now and Feb 3rd to be included in this wonderful project.  Please either tie the shoes together or rubber band them together.

One pair of shoes serves two.  Donate a pair of shoes to provide affordable footwear and a cup of clean, fresh water for those who thirst. Check out the website for the shoeman:  www.shoeman.org Thank you for your support of our project.

My Entrepreneurial Experience class is making plans to open a consignment store to sell prom/pageant dresses.  Are your prom/pageant dresses collecting dust? Are you broke?  Want fast cash? If so, bring your dresses, shoes and accessories to Mrs. Masters’s  room and we will sell them for you.  We will sell the garment at your price and charge a 25% fee. We are accepting dresses from January 27th – February 6th. We will be selling them from February 8th- February 18.  If your dress has not sold by the 19th you will be notified and will need to pick it up by the 21st.

If you have any question contact:

Brittany Ball, Kayla Chaney, Trevor Hood, Treyveonnia Johnson, Wendell Pritchett or Lyssa Tacker.

Linda Masters: 870-475-2472 ext#-1006

  If you have any dresses and/or accessories that you would like to get “out of your closets” bring them by!!  Our profits from the project will be used to invest in our next entrepreneurial enterprise!! 

FCCLA members, if you are interested in attending the District 3 FCCLA spring meeting at Valley View Performing Arts Center in Jonesboro, AR on February 16, 2012 I need your $6 registration money by February 2, 2012.  Students attending this meeting will receive a permission form at a later time.  Students will be expected to dress nicely for this meeting – NO JEANS!!

The State FCCLA Leadership Conference is March 12-13 at the Reynolds Performance Hall and Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center in Conway. If you are interested in attending the State FCCLA Leadership meeting at UCA you must pay your $20 registration fee by February 12th.  The money for the hotel will be due by March 1st - $25 (I hope).  Again students attending this meeting will be expected to dress nicely – NO JEANS!!

The date has been set for the trip to Six Flags in St. Louis, MO.  We will go on March 31st.  Deadline for paying for this trip will be March 15th.  I will let you know how much the tickets are at a later date – you must have sold a minimum of six items for the fall fundraiser (and have all your money turned in) to be eligible to go on this trip. 

If you have any questions, please contact me.  I look forward to each of these activities!!

Mrs. Masters, FCCLA Advisor



Congratulations to Austin Smith, Regina Gray, and River Brown for advancing to State Competition in FCCLA STAR Events.  Regina and River placed first in Advocacy and Austin placed second in National Programs in Action.

River and Regina will be joined by Kaylan Wilson, Annabell Glover, Brittany Sims, and Kristen Hall on March 12 and 13th as they travel to Conway for the State FCCLA Conference.







Just a few short months ago, Mr. Williams appeared in the football locker room to address a problem and receive our input and interest. At the same time, he had been meeting with other boys in grades 10-12 and also meeting with men in the community. His pitch to us was all the same: he was ready to address the problem we have currently in our school system with the boys scoring much lower academically than the girls. He wanted to recruit all gentlemen who were willing to promote achievement to those boys in grades 7-9. Little did we know, that this meeting would evolve into an organization promoting academic skills and personal character.

            The meeting was a success, not only did we encourage the 7th-9th grade boys, but we also established a fire within ourselves. Just a few short days after the original meeting, Mr. Williams met with all the boys in grades 10-12 that were willing to continue the momentum of success by creating an organization. As all boys seemed willing to participate, we soon began having meetings once a week to establish guidelines for, our then, un-named and un-characterized group.

            As our first meeting began, the ideas started flowing. We decided, first of all, to elect a president and vice president of the group, so that we would have some form of leadership amongst ourselves. Next we needed a name to promote ourselves, and because we were looking to model many of the characteristics required to be a true man, we decided that there was no better name than “The Men of EPC." We were also able to gain a much needed sponsor in Mrs. Jennifer Fithen, 10th-12th grade English teacher. With this established, we began to brainstorm and create, for ourselves, guidelines that we felt we needed to live by in order to testify and promote academic skills and character. Because our main focus was on these things, we created a set of standards that had to be met by any guy wanting to be in the group. While creating a mission statement to guide ourselves by, we also set up an application system and probation system.  We then established a daily goal amongst the group to say one encouraging statement to someone out of your comfort zone every day.

            In our meetings, one of the main focuses stressed by both Mr. Williams and Mrs. Fithen was that we had to be dedicated. We didn't want to be just another good idea that was never acted upon. We wanted to get out there and begin working to better our school as quickly as possible, while never letting the spirit die. One of our first actions as a group was to take a group of hand selected boys in grades 7-9 and take them to see the movie "Courageous". We loaded up on the bus, each senior high boy being seated with a junior high boy both ways. We went and saw the movie, which literately left no dry eye in the house. The movie was such a hard hit emotionally; it attacked all the weaknesses of a man and displayed them perfectly. We were all able to bond on the weakest level known to man, the emotional level. We returned to the school and had a short meeting in the cafeteria where the product of watching the movie was plainly seen. All guys, from grades 7-12, were conversing about what all we had learned in the movie and how we had all been hit the same way emotionally. This is only setting I’ve ever been in where so many guys, who are typically non-emotional creatures, were open to their emotions. It was clearly seen that this attempt was one that made every guy there look at themselves and question where they stood as a man, which was what had to be done to begin processing and leading others.

We have been involved in many activities since then, such as sharing the Veteran's Day assembly with elementary students, holding a kick ball game as an incentive for student achievement, supporting the emotional struggle of some younger male students, and providing support and encouragement at parent-teacher conferences,

            The future for the "Men of EPC” looks promising. We are currently holding a competition among the 7th and 8th grade boys, in which they will compete for an end of the year field day. The winner of this competition will be measured on 3 levels: attendance, character, and grades. All members were designated specific boys from one grade to meet with at least once a week. In these meetings our goal is to form a connection, while also modeling our principles and encouraging them to be a better man.

            Our goal is to model our mission statement which states:  We, the Men of EPC, pledge to better ourselves and others by modeling responsibility, accountability, and a strong work ethic. We pledge to encourage and support others to become better academically, while increasing self-esteem and building character. We strive to lead and mold others in our degrading society, while modeling the utmost character we can. We know that we will have to practice what we preach. Before everyone else, we hold ourselves accountable. We will strive to be the best we can, while encouraging others to do the same. As long as one person cares, there will always be a reason to try, and as long as we are able to touch one person and encourage them, we will not fail.

J. Fithen


Jaron Snyder of EPC with

Savannah Graham of Rivercrest



Senior Jaron Snyder of EPC was chosen as one of the first recipients of the Northeast Arkansas Invitational Tournament Scholarship.  The scholarships were presented at the tournament at the Convocation Center in Jonesboro on Dec. 30.  Each school with teams participating in the tournament could nominate one female and one male for the scholarship.  Snyder was chosen for the scholarship from 31 boys’ teams that participated in the tournament.



The pre-k students participated in this year’s Christmas parade.  The float was titled “Santa’s Little Helpers”. Mrs. Peyton Weathers decorated the float while Coach Weathers happily volunteered to pull Santa’s little helpers during the parade.  Coach Weathers also volunteered to read Christmas stories to the students.  It looked a lot like Christmas walking down the halls, with pre-k making Gingerbread houses and Gingerbread men to display.  The students have been busy learning about Winter: Types of winter clothing, types of winter games and things you would drink or eat to make you feel warm on the inside. The students made their own Play-Doh using flour and salt.  Each created a snowman.  Other topics children have learned since returning from their holiday vacation:  Wild Animals & Snow Animals. Students are presently learning about Penguins and other types of birds.  The students will be making bird feeders using peanut butter, pine cones and bird seed.  This will allow the students to observe the birds up close while they eat.  The students will be learning about Dental Health in February.  The Arkansas Dental Clinic has volunteered free dental exams to all pre-k students on February 17th , which is National Dental Healthcare Month.


Mrs. Boon and Ms. Tara’s 3rd grade classes at Lepanto Elementary are completing a unit on The People, the Preamble, and the Presidents.  This unit teaches our students about how our country began, our government and how it runs, and about the symbols of our country.  We will be completing a project called “Junk about Presidents,” which entails our students writing a research paper about a president and creating a visual aid of the president out of any “junk” they have around the house.  We are excited about the project, and we will display their work in our hall for everyone to enjoy.  This project is a combination of research that will be done at school, as well as, involving parents and family in the actual creation of the visual aid.  This project is due Feb. 10, so stop by and see what kind of “junk” our students have made to show how much we love our country and presidents.

Third grade Lepanto Elementary has scheduled our field trip to Incredible Pizza in Memphis for April 27.   We wanted to let parents know in advance, so that you can mark your calendars now.  We will send more information home with your child as the time gets closer, but go ahead and make plans to attend.   We are going to have an awesome time, and our students are very excited


2012 Baseball Schedule

Date  Opponent  Location  Time

2/29-3/3 Tri-County Tourn. @Lepanto                tba

3/5        Marmaduke @Marmaduke       4:00

3/6       Cross county @ Lepanto           4:30

3/8       Maynard @ Lepanto               4:30

3/9       Harrisburg  @ Harrisburg        4:30

3/12     Riverside    @ Caraway           4:30

3/13     Rector @ Lepanto                   4:30

3/15     Brookland  @ Brookland         4:30

3/20    Walnut Ridge @ Walnut Ridge  4:00

3/22-3/24 X-tra Innings Tournament

                                    @  Jonesboro      tba

3/26    BIC @ Lepanto                         4:30

3/27    Marmaduke @ Lepanto             4:30

3/29    Cross County @ Cherry Valley  4:30

3/30    Rivercrest @ Lepanto                              4:30

4/2      Maynard @ Maynard               4:00

4/3      Riverside @ Lepanto                  4:30

4/3      Armorel @ Lepanto                  6:30

4/5      Rector @ Rector                         4:30

4/9      Rivercrest @ Rivercrest              4:00

4/10    Marked Tree                @ Lepanto            4:30

4/10    Marked Tree                @ Lepanto            6:30

4/12    Walnut Ridge @ Lepanto           4:30

4/13    Armorel @ Armorel                   4:00

4/16    BIC @ Monette                          4:00

4/17    Bay @ Bay                                 4:00

4/19    Brookland @ Lepanto                             4:30

4/23    Manila @ Manila                       4:00

4/24    Harrisburg @ Lepanto                             4:30

4/25-4/28 District Tournament                                            @ Marked Tree        tba

5/4-5/7 Regional Tournamment               tba

5/11-5/14 State Tournment.                  tba


East Poinsett County


July 14-----------------------------------In-service

August 3-4---------------In-Service (Flex Day)

August 8-10-----------------------------In-service

August 11-12-------------In-service ACT 1185

August 15-------------------------Classes Begin

September 5----------------Labor Day Holiday

October 14-----First Quarter Ends (44 Days)

October 17(No School)-Teacher In- Service

October 18------Parent/Teacher Conference

November 23-25 ------Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 20-----Second Quarter Ends (43 Days)

December 21-January -Christmas Holidays

January 16--------Martin Luther King Holiday

January 25 ……….Sr High NHS Induction

January 26……………….…Literacy Night

January 27………..…Cheerleader Tryouts

January 27 ……..…...Honor Roll Assembly

January 30…………...FCCLA Blood Drive

January 31…….Assembly with Paul Vitale

February 10-11………….FFA Conference

February 16…...Civil Rights Museum Trip 

February 20------------In-Service (No School)

February 28…….Customer Relations Trip

February 29-March 1…FCCLA Star Events

March 2…………………...FCCLA Meeting

March 6th -7th ……11th Literacy Benchmark

March  9 ------Third Quarter Ends (47 Days)

March 11-13………Jr. FCCLA Conference

March 12…..Play for Grades 4-5-6(1-3pm)

March 12……………..Task Force Meeting

March 15--------Parent Teacher Conference

March 19-23------------------------Spring Break

March 29…Art students toTyronza Museum

April 6----------------Good Friday (No School)

April 9-13………..Benchmark (Grades 3-8)

April 17-18 ………………..EOC Geometry

April 21 …………………………….…..Prom

April 23……………….FCCLA Blood Drive

April 24-25 …………………...EOC Biology

April 27……….Carpenter/White Field Trip

May 1………………….Annual Presentation

May 3-6………………Student Council Trip

May 7……………………………APES Exam

May 8-9……………………….EOC Algebra I

May 10…………………………AP Lit. Exam

May 11 ………………AP US History Exam

May 11---------------------------------Graduation

May 16………AP Language & Comp Exam

May 25-------Fourth Quarter Ends (49 days)




            Paul Vitale presented EPC students, grades 7-12, with a motivational talk and video, “Setting the Tempo for Achievement”. This is the fourth year that Mr. Vitale has spoken to the students at EPC.

This presentation began with a 4-minute video about the opportunities that are available in Arkansas, showing prominent industries that are in Arkansas and prominent individuals who began in Arkansas. 

Vitale’s presentation had 5 points of emphasis, with a video that illustrated the points. He, also, had student volunteers from the audience help in his presentation and made some of the points that he made more realistic for the students.  The points of emphasis were:


Identify your Individual Talent.  Travel your path. Make the most of the talent that you have.  Make no excuses.


Continue perfecting your edge.  The only failure is not to try.  Master your craft.  It takes time and discipline. 

Life = Risk;

Risk = Opportunity;

Opportunity = Success

Unleash a Fury of Motivation.

Seize the moment.  Be the best you can be.  Give it your best.  Step up to be a leader.  Do whatever it takes to succeed.


Exercise an Abundance of

Patience.  Stay calm under pressure.  Be patient and composed.  Discover your ABC’s.  Be accountable for your actions—messages on Facebook, pictures posted on-line, text messages sent.  These remain a part of your actions, records are kept.  Be patient; be smart; be composed.


Recognize your Range of Opportunity.  Set the tempo.  Recognize the opportunities.  Persist.   Prepare.  Show confidence.  Seize the moment. Set the example.  Be disciplined.  Show courage.  Show respect.   Have a work ethic.  Network.  Never quit.  Achieve.


The presentation ended with a question--When your name is called, how will you respond?










On February 10th, three members of the EPC FFA will travel to Hot Springs to participate in the annual FFA 360 Leadership Conference. The conference is held at Camp Couchdale, which is Arkansas's FFA camp. Those students that will be attending are Dustin Sims, Dylon Young, and Kinsley Smith. During the conference the students will be attending various leadership workshops and learn leadership skill that they will be able to bring back and share with fellow students.

In November Dylon Young traveled to Wynne to participate in an FFA leadership contest.  Dylon recited the FFA Creed and competed against 7 other ninth graders. Dylon went on to place 3rd in the contest.

Other activities have included the annual FFA fruit sales and traveling to Indianapolis to the National FFA competition. While in Indianapolis students participated in numerous leadership workshops, attended the FFA career show, and listened to many speakers.









Junior High and Senior High Cheerleading try-outs were held on Friday, January 27.  


Here is the list of Cheerleaders for 2012-2013:

Senior High Cheerleaders

·         Hannah Hinton

·         Ashleigh Rece

·         Anna Powell

·         Abby Ruiz

·         Amber Renfro

·         Anastashia Garrett

·         MaKayla Smith

·         Lexi Driver

·         Hillary Hale

·         Hannah Hale

·         Morgan Williams

·         Ashley Wroten

·         Regan Roberts


Junior High Cheerleaders

·         Hannah Hosman

·         Bailey Constant

·         Regina Gray

·         Hannah Shelton

·         Rachel Lard

·         Breanna Dover

·         Abby Gatlin

·         Brittany Wilson

·         Railey Jennings

·         Molly Pilgrim

·         Julie Rolland

·         Olivia Smith

·         JaLeigha Garrett

·         Emma Hannah







is striving for







Hayden Allen

Erin Austin

Brittany Ball

Haley Barr

Taylor Berry

Chris Bishop

Jacob Brown

Trevor Brown

Dekota Campbell

Blake Carter

Austin Coffeman

Breanna Dover

Annabel Glover

Hannah Hale

Brannon Harbin

Kalee Harbin

Jarrett Householder

Rebekah Housman

Denisha Madden

Hannah Matlock

Holly Matlock

Dakota Mims

Malik Monk

Michael Nash

Cole Nooner

Jessie Olive

Jamal Rodgers

Angelica Santos

Scott Santos

Aaron Scales

Hannah Shelton

Dustin Sims

Makayla Smith

Allison Stovall

Derrick Sutton

Chris Thompson

Blade Truelove

Robert Turner

Drew Tyler

Joseph Westbrook

Kaylan Wilson





Kyle Cochran

Megan Hall

Megan Murphy

Lexi Driver

Stacey Mott

Jaron Snyder

Kelsey Kelly

Anna Claire Williams

Synteria Ward





Rebecca Bishop

Hannah Hosman






Candice Ashley

Melissa Baldwin

Whitney Ball

Brittney Clayton

Audrey Cochran

Hanna Constant

Zachary Griggs

Hannah Hale

Sarah Hattle

Stephanie Higginbotham

Hannah Hinton

Tiffany Hood

Brittany Renfro

Abby Ruiz

Makayla Smith

Robbie Sullivan

Cayne Tyler

Cori Young

Haley James

Jared Jennings

Kimberly Jonson 

Treyveonnia Johnson

Seth Jones

Denisha Madden

Terrika Madden

Holly Matlock

Gus Mettler

Allison Meyer

Kelly Nash

Michael Nash

Paul Pilgrim

Coy Poag

Anna Leigh Powell

Martin Powell

Ashleigh Rece

AJ Turner

Jacob Turner

Drew Tyler

Dillon Young





Bailey Constant

Zachary Constant

Hanna Ferguson

Chantal Garcia

Jaleigha Garrett

Aaron Hamilton

Christopher Herrera

Ivy Hooker

Rachel Lard

James Roach

Olivia Smith

Allison Stovall

Cecilia Tacker

Nikolas Tacker

Samantha Tacker

Gavin Truelove

Kaci Vess

Brianna Woods

Heather Woods

Rachel Worsham